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Multiplexes in India

India today is home to 900 multiplex screens across the country. Compare this to the over 15,000 screens in the US and you understand just how abysmal the number of 0.5 multiplex screens to each million of population is. This of course means 2 things:

a. A deluge of multiplex operators and existing players strengthening their positions in spite of a lull in the industry currently

b. Severe pressure on the current resources of the existing multiplexes – sometimes resulting in compromised movie going experiences inspite of a fairly high price paid.

This blog aims to capture activity around a & b by providing you regular industry updates and interviews with the people who matter at these multiplex chains as well as provide a platform for opinions, thoughts and reviews from users on their multiplex experiences.

As for me, I have been associated with almost every multiplex in the country, behind the scenes and in front as a patron. Having witnessed the functioning of multiplexes inside out, I understand the challenges that they face in operating in a hostile business environment like India.

Current major pan India multiplex operators (in no particular order):

Strong regional and upcoming national players:

Keep watching this space for movements within the lists and additions.


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Satyam Cineplexes Ltd. is also a national multiplex. Pls visit

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