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As someone associated with the “movie going” or movie exhibition industry for the past few years, many facets of the business have intrigued me. Be it the style and property prominence of PVR Cinemas, the brilliant food and scale of operations and expansion of Big Cinemas, the sheer opulence that is Inox or the hilarious signages at Fame, I have loved being behind the scenes and a regular patron of most multiplex chains.

Multiplex Monitor (or Monitorplex as some prefer) will aim to bring you the latest happenings from the cinema exhibition industry, property launches, new entrants in the business, delays in projects, great deals and most honestly, candid thoughts and mind speak from my experience at these show houses. I hope in the days to come, more people will join me in sharing their multiplex experience for the benefit of the ever growing Indian multiplex audience.

Pikchur abhi chalo hua hai mere dost..